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Judith Laudau picIn her thirty-year career as an architectural designer and writer, Judith Landau learned that listening carefully to the stories people tell about themselves, can build lasting friendships and successful home designs. Her award-winning designs, and the stories she wrote about the art of collaborating with her clients, were published in popular magazines including Fine Home Building and Better Homes and Gardens.

As a wife, mother, architectural designer, co-owner of a timber frame design-build company, and part time steward of the families twenty-acre hobby farm near Port Townsend, Washington—her life was full. Her work was creative, stressful at times, but never boring. Their building projects and design research often took Judith and her husband, Charles, to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. They returned from each adventure, with fascinating stories about the people they met and renewed appreciation for the planet’s diversity and hospitality.

ADE CoverJudith Landau’s recently published book, A Different Ending: Reflections on Living and Dying, tells the moving story of Lauren Erickson, a woman who faces the end of her life with courage, clarity, creativity and humor. As this story of love and friendship progresses, we are prompted to consider how we might face our own mortality. We learn about the importance of preparing an Advance Directive and the benefits of VSED, the voluntary stopping of eating and drinking, a legal, but uncommon way to hasten death. As we’re introduced to some unconventional, end of life choices, such as caring for your deceased loved one at home; not using professional funeral services; and choosing an eco-friendly green burial; we are reminded that these strange sounding customs were once the way most people were cared for as they were dying and after death. When Lauren’s painful, incurable illness forced her to consider ending her life she was transparent about her plan to hasten death, and clear about the message she would send—choose to live consciously and claim your autonomy until your very last breath.

Visit Judith Landau's book website - www.a-different-ending.com

Published Oct. 2017 • ISBN 9781977704719 • 174 pages • Paperback and eBook • Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Genre: Biography/Personal Memoirs • Price: $9.95 U.S.

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